Customers of the DanglIT GmbH use a wide range of programming languages and technologies. Especially in multi-platform and performance critical scenarios, C++ is used.

To be able to work effectively, easy and fast with GAEB and all related features, you can use the Dangl.GAEB & Dangl.AVA Libraries directly on any plattform - Windows, Mac and Linux. In this article, you'll see a short example. A GAEB file is imported with C++ and a new GAEB file is created and exported.

To get started right now, you can check out and download the example project on GitHub. Please contact us to get an evaluation package of the required modules.

The Example Project

The example is a Visual Studio Solution with two project:

  1. A .NET / C# project with a few helper methods. This is optional, the modules can also be directly accessed from C++
  2. A C++ project configured with CLR Interop

The Libraries

To demonstrate the libraries in C#, here's an example for reading and writing GAEB files from the .NET project:

The C++ Code - Reading GAEB Files

In this snippet, you'll see how to import a GAEB file and print all positions to the console:

C++ Code - Creating GAEB Files

Here, a GAEB file with a single position is created:

Do you want to know more about working with GAEB in C++? Just contact us!