AVACloud - GAEB SaaS

The AVACloud web service makes GAEB & ÖNorm A 2063 support instantly available in your application - no matter if you're using .NET, Java, Rust or more than 50 other programming languages. High availability hosting by DanglIT or directly On Premises in your environment.


AVACloud supports everything in the modern tendering and procurement workflow.


AVACloud is always on the latest update - without you having to worry about it.


You need more power? AVACloud scales with your requirements.


Focus on your core business - AVACloud takes care of the rest.

Free Trial

You get full access for 30 days to all features of AVACloud.


Use Cases

AVACloud - GAEB, Tendering & Procurement as a service - is the ideal component to get your product ready for GAEB. You can implement interfaces for modern systems in commerce and the construction industry. No matter if you're developing an ERP system, doing BIM analysis for buildings or just want to communicate with your suppliers and customers via GAEB.

The modern structure of AVACloud makes it deployable everywhere. Hosted by DanglIT or on your own systems - Windows, Linux or Mac, Mobile, Desktop and Web.

You want to support GAEB & AVA, but don't want to invest in multiple months of development and maintenance? You can profit from AVACloud by starting right now. Our happy customers serve as evidence - GAEB support does not have to be complicated!

Enthusiasm for technology - that's true for DanglIT. You know it - IT & Software today is not only an addon but a critical requirement for the success of your business and your customers. Put your trust in tried and tested solutions and save effort by not doing in-house development.

DanglIT is your partner for everything about GAEB, AVA and BIM. You'll get lightning fast support response times from us. But you often won't have it come that far: More than 100.000 automated, independent tests and an extensive documentation guarantee a great experience.

GAEB & AVA Webservice

Start right now!

  1. AVACloud clients are available in more than 50 different languages - no matter if you're doing GAEB & AVA with .NET, Java, PHP or Swift- we can provide you with a client.
  2. Independent of your platform, AVACloud can be used everywhere. Highly available hosted by DanglIT or On Premises at your location. Docker virtualized, on Windows and Linux.
  3. The GAEB & AVA .Net Libraries by DanglIT have been in use for multiple years. They are battle tested and have great performance. Trusted by our customers - the ideal base for your modern technology stack.

Prices & Services

Adaptable to Your Needs


89,- / Month

105,91 € incl. German Sales Tax

  • Up to 500 conversions per month
  • All features included
  • Construction companies & small offices

299,- / Month

355,81 € incl. German Sales Tax

  •  100.000 conversions per month
  • High availability hosting
  • Ideal for big companies
  • Lightning fast support

Contact us!

Individual Solution

  • Source code access
  • On Premises or isolated instance
  • Tailored individually to your needs

All prices are for yearly subscriptions. Shorter intervalls are possible.

Efficient API

Client Libraries for GAEB, C# in this example, are integrated with little effort.

public async Task ConvertToGaeb2000()
    var factory = ClientFactory.Factory;
    var gaebConversionClient = factory.GaebConversionClient;
    var sourceGaebFile = TestFilesFactory.GetTestFileStream(TestFile.GaebXmlEnMinimal);
    var fileParam = new FileParameter(sourceGaebFile);

    var conversion = await gaebConversionClient.ConvertToGaebAsync(fileParam,

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