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Software solutions for the construction industry - easy with DanglIT! No matter if you need GAEB & AVA, ÖNorm or Ifa18, DATANORM or BMEcat, IFC, xBIM and BCF - we have a solution for every abbreviation! We support you in everything about software and digital processes in the construction industry.

Modern, digital workflows today don't work without interfaces. Even the smallest construction projects rely on data exchange - varying from building models to bills of quantities or collaboration messages for issue management.

Our solutions support you in transforming your many single data islands into a Common Data Environment. Whether .NET on Windows Desktop, Xamarin for mobile apps, headless in the cloud or on your Linux webserver - DanglIT is ready.

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Classic .NET and .NET Core. No matter where - our solutions just work.

Unified Framework

With a big portfolio of components and models we're quickly able to provide exactly what you need.

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We're happy to create a concept with you to find out how to support your business.

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Complete Solutions for your Business

Dangl.Identity User Management

Use our expertise to quickly develop cloud applications. You're saving time & money by building software tailored to your needs.


Reporting on 3D building models directly in the browser - with metadata and linking of bills of quantities and cost elements.

Whether you want to connect distributed services and applications or need completely new software - we're there to support you.

Contact us, we're happy to demo you some of our solutions live and advise you on your projects needs.

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