The Single Sign On solution for all your services - running On Premises or hosted by DanglIT GmbH. With user administration, client management and roles & rights configuration. A full OpenID solution, accessible from within your browser or via an API.

Key Features

Stable & Tested

All services of the DanglIT GmbH use Dangl.Identity.
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Dangl.Identity can be used anywhere - no matter if desktop, cloud or mobile.

Adaptable & Configurable

You can integrate your own applications directly with Dangl.Identity and control everything via a single API.

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The complete solution for user management & OpenID

Dangl.Identity User Management

Dangl.Identity is more than a simple platform - you can manage all users, roles and permissions in a single place. With whitelabelling, you can configure it to look & feel exactly right for your company by configuring appearance, texts and behavior.

As administrator, you've got full control over all features. You save additional time by having your users maintain their own profiles.

Dangl.Identity Client Management

With the Dangl.Identity API, you can access all functions - down to the smallest detail.

It doesn't matter if your connecting distributed services & systems or you need an OpenID certified Single Sign On mechanism - Dangl.Identity is flexible enough to support your workflows.

Please contact us. We're happy to demonstrate Dangl.Identity live to you and answer all questions.

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