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Modern applications are often modularized - multiple different front end components like web, mobile and desktop apps, offer user interfaces that interact with a back end to persist and manipulate data. When using the new .Net Core framework, LightQuery is a simple solution to filter results already on the back end - to save time & bandwith.

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Web applications are often created as Single Page Apps. The application runs completely in the users browser and only necessary data is dynamically queried from a server. Chosen among the many available techologies, Asp.Net Core & Angular were selected to create the NetCoreHeroes tutorial. Accompanied by a series of blog posts, all concepts of creating a modern Single Page Application and its required infrastructure are explained.

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The Richt Text Format is a markup language that was especially used in Microsoft technologies to create and save formatted text data. Mostly replaced by Html today, there are only few solutions to read existing RTF texts. Dangl.TextConverter is available as .NET Standard library, to convert text data from and to RTF - no matter the platform.

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NUKE Build Tools

One of our core values is automation - whenever possible, we make use of advanced tools & techniques to eliminate the human error potential in repetitive tasks. To help us do this, we are using the NUKE Build System to define processes. We have developed multiple additions that we are happy to share:

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