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GAEB & AVA .Net Library

Dangl.GAEB & Dangl.AVA is the easy, cross-platform solution to convert, analyse and edit GAEB files for tendering, calculation and invoicing.

AVACloud - GAEB SaaS

AVACloud is the modern way for GAEB - the web based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is available on any platform. Hosted by DanglIT with high availability or On Premises at the customer stie.

Oenorm Library

The ideal solution to read and write Austrian Oenorm A 2063 files. Compatible with the Dangl.AVA project system. Runs everywhere, on Windows, Linux and Mac. Mobile, Desktop and Cloud.

Additional Information

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Getting Started Guide for Customers & Partners

This article contains an overview and supplemental information for all our products and services.

What is GAEB?

You have heard about GAEB, but are not sure what exactly it is? Here you can read the basics you need to know.

Convert GAEB Files with the Free GAEB Converter

You have a GAEB file that you can't open, because it's damaged or you don't have the software to do so? We can help!

What is BIM?

Everyone is talking about BIM - what is it? A short introduction.

Working with GAEB in Microsoft Excel

Discover here how to work with Excel files that you have generated with the free GAEB converter.

The GAEB Data Formats in Detail

Learn the technical details of the different GAEB data formats.

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