Oenorm Library

The ideal solution to read and write Austrian Oenorm A 2063 files. Compatible with the Dangl.AVA project system. Runs everywhere, on Windows, Linux and Mac. Mobile, Desktop and Cloud. Included for free for all customers of the GAEB & AVA .Net Libraries.


Read, Write, Convert & Validate


By using the latest .NET Standard features, the module runs in any environment - classic on Windows and future proof on Linux and Mac.


You need more support than Oenorm? All products from DanglIT are compatible. Import Oenorm and export GAEB - there are no limits!


All DanglIT products are built with the highest standards. High test coverage and fully automated processes guarantee high quality results.

Free Trial

We are happy to supply you with an evaluation package of the libraries. For free, without restrictions, no DRM. Get in touch with us!


Use Cases

The Austrian Oenorm A2063 is the equivalent to the German GAEB format - a standardised data exchange format for bills of quantities and service descriptions in the construction industry. All versions are supported by the Oenorm Libary. You can work natively with the .NET classes in the original data schema or convert the files to the unified Dangl.AVA format. The integration in your calculation software or ERP system is then easy - you only have to support a single interface.

The modern technology stack allows the library to be deployable anywhere - on Windows, Linux and Mac, Mobile, Desktop and Web.

You want to support Oenorm A 2063, but don't want to invest in development and maintenance of a custom solution? You can profit from our experience by starting right now with our libraries. Our happy customers serve as evidence - Oenorm support does not have to be complicated!

Enthusiasm for technology - that's true for DanglIT. You know it - IT & software today is not only an addon but a critical requirement for the success of your business and your customers. Put your trust in tried and tested solutions and save effort by not doing in-house development.

DanglIT is your partner for everything about Oenorm, GAEB, AVA and BIM. You'll get lightning fast support response times from us. But you often won't have it come that far: More than 1.000 automated, independent tests and an extensive documentation guarantee a great experience.

Oenorm Library Package

Start right now!

  1. You get access to a NuGet feed with which you can integrate the packages in your application. Either as manual download of the dlls or by using the Visual Studio project system - you have permanent access to all stable and beta versions.
  2. You get access to all relevant sections in the documentation platform by DanglIT.
  3. Customers with maintenance contract get access to the source code of the modules and the unit tests.
  4. You want to integrate it as a cloud solution? AVACloud supports all features of the Oenorm Library - ideal for connecting services in all languages, no matter if you're using .NET, Java or Ruby.

Efficient API

You can import any Oenorm files with just a few lines of code, so you can focus on your core business.

public static OenormFile GetOenormFile()
    using (var oenormStream = File.OpenRead(@"C:\\BillOfQuantities.onlv")
        return Reader.OenormReader.ReadFromStream(oenormStream);

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