Dangl.AVA Calculation Module

The Dangl.AVA calculation module can be used for all requirements in tendering, procurement, calculation and invoicing (German: AVA). The C# .NET package allows you to access a full AVA solution from anywhere - desktop, cloud and mobile.

Key Features

Stable & Tested

Over 15.000 Unit Tests in all supported frameworks.

Customer References.


Classic .NET Framework and modern .NET. Dangl.AVA runs everywhere.

Unified Data Model

All data can be transformed bidirectionally to the AVA format - with a single line of code!

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Through years of experience and our unique focus on digital services and industry 4.0, DanglIT GmbH is able to deliver exactly what our customers need - in record time. No matter if you're a contractor, architect, engineer or software developer - we'll support you in all endeavors around AVA & BIM!

This saves us 6 months implementation effort!

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Package Description

Your Advantage

The library is delivered as NuGet package as well as regular Dll file. The documentation is available for customers.

  • Access to the C# source code via an always up-to-date Git repository.
  • A NuGet feed with the latest stable and beta releases.

Please contact us for a trial version of the library. We are happy to support you in any integration scenarios you have - whether desktop, mobile, cloud or web environments. We deliver the finished Dangl.AVA module to be used in your application or we will develop custom solutions around it for you. 

You want to support AVA, but don't want to invest in development and maintenance of a custom solution? You can profit from our experience by starting right now with our libraries. Our happy customers serve as evidence - AVA support does not have to be complicated!

Enthusiasm for technology - that's true for DanglIT. You know it - IT & software today is not only an addon but a critical requirement for the success of your business and your customers. Put your trust in tried and tested solutions and save effort by not doing in-house development.

DanglIT is your partner for everything about GAEB, AVA and BIM. You'll get lightning fast support response times from us. But you often won't have it come that far: More than 15.000 automated, independent tests and an extensive documentation guarantee a great experience.

The Complete Solution For Tendering, Procurement, Calculation & Quantity Estimation

Dangl.AVA Calculation Example

Dangl.AVA is a complete data- and calculation model, containg all the years of experience of DanglIT GmbH. Customers can save many months of effort by using this standardized module.

It doesn't matter if you're doing project calculation or creating tenders - with Dangl.AVA, you can start right now. Either integrated in your existing solutions or built as a custom application by DanglIT GmbH.

The unified Dangl.AVA project model supports all use cases from the construction industry and commerce - simple, flat lists of items or complex project structures in a service specifications.

The data model is self-updating and always consistent. For example when updating prices - higher-ranking elements and totals are always updated automatically when a child element is changed.

Dangl.AVA Project Structure

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