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Whether you're looking to visualize your building designs or you are looking to connect multiple data sources to get a better understanding - modern processes in the building industry require technology. We can support your growth and your success by providing the tools you need to succeed in Building Information Modeling - BIM.

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We're your knowledgable partner in all software projects for the construction and design sector - whether you need help to work with BIM, GAEB or IFC.

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Your application can be built for any platform - Desktop or Web, Windows, Mac or Linux.

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Example: Connecting a Bill of Quantities and a Building Model

Individual problems require individual solutions. That's why we support our customers where off-the-shelf software gives up. For example, by simply connecting GAEB based bills of quantities with digital IFC building models. For best results built as a web application - ideal for analysis on-site during a meeting with your tablet.

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