Your reliable partner for all mobile, web & desktop projects. With special focus on Architecture, Engineering & Construction software.

AEC Focus

Extensive knowledge in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) field, especially with GAEB, IFC, BCF and BIM.


Whether IFC or GAEB - we can supply ready solutions or deliver custom built applications. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and in the Cloud.

Mobile Apps

Development and deployment of mobile applications. Xamarin and .NET Standard enable portability on all devices.


Development and deployment of microservices. To help separate big, monolithic applications into small, manageable chunks.


Consulting for .Net and web development. Specialties on automation, test and deployment.


Guaranteed quality through a maximum of automation. Self-running quality tests and capturing of metrics during development. Extremely fast reaction times for new features via continuous deployment.

Dangl IT

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