The AVACloud webservice brings the power of the GAEB & AVA .Net Libraries to all platforms, everywhere. You can create, convert and modify GAEB files. DanglIT is able to generate AVACloud client integrations for more than 50 programming languages, among them C# / .Net, Java, PHP or JavaScript. Additionally to the plattform specific package managers, all clients are available for download at the GitHub Releases.

On this page, you'll find an overview of already available implementations. Is your favorite language missing? Contact us!

C# / .NET

The platform independent client that offers all features of Dangl.AVA. Already in use at multiple services. Client libraries are distributed via NuGet.

To get access to all features of AVACloud that use the Dangl.AVA project system, please contact DanglIT. We will happily supply you with an evaluation package at no costs.

Are you using a .NET Framework before version 4.5? Please get in touch with us, we also have a solution for this!


The Java client is available as direct download right here. It contains the whole source code along with all required dependencies.

Read the introduction article for the example app to see how easily it is to work with GAEB in Java.


The simplicity and power of JavaScript and TypeScript makes the NodeJs runtime a great choice for software engineers. Powered by the npm ecosystem, the Node client for AVACloud is available as pre-built package: @dangl/avacloud-client-node.


If your development environment is the browser, you should check out the official AVACloud client for JavaScript at npm: @dangl/avacloud-client-javascript.


If you want to read, write, edit and convert GAEB files with PHP, you can use the official AVACloud PHP client. You can find it available for download at GitHub, along with a demo project in PHP.

More Frameworks

The complete AVACloud API is available in the Swagger / Open API format. It contains all features to create, edit and analyse GAEB files via the unified Dangl.AVA project format.

Please contact us for clients in other programming languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, Go or Ruby.