The GAEB data exchange format is widely used in Germany to transfer bills of quantities and orders. In Austria, the ÖNorm 2063 format fills the same role. Customers of the DanglIT GmbH have the possibility to use our GAEB & AVA .Net Libraries together with the Dangl.Oenorm module to easily convert between these two formats. Additionally, many more formats can be used in the same way with a unified API.

To get started right now with the example project on GitHub, all you need is an evaluation package of the software libraries. Please contact us, we're happy to provide you with a free test version!

Importing GAEB Files to the Unified Project Model

This code sample imports a GAEB file and converts it into the unified Dangl.AVA project model:

Export to ÖNorm

It's just as easy to export the result back to ÖNorm - in this case to the type LV2015, which represents a modern .onlv file:

Do you have any more questions regarding GAEB, ÖNorm 2063 or tendering, procurement and calculation in General? We're always happy to support you!