Customers of the DanglIT GmbH can work with GAEB XML Version 3.3 since the middle of September 2019. Whether you're using the AVACloud web service or work with GAEB with our software modules on Linux, Mac and Windows - you are ready to work with the new format.

What's New

Although the last version before GAEB XML 3.3 has already been adopted in October 2013, the changes in the new version are moderate. The main focus lies in supporting BIM, Building Information Modelling, use cases.

The digital transformation of the construction industry, similar to other sectors, centers around the connection of different data sources. An ever more important use case is the linking between building model and bills of quantities, such as what we're offering for the last few years already with our BIM solutions.

GAEB XML Version 3.3 now supports dedicated GUID properties for many elements. A Globally Unique Identifier is, as it's name indicates, a 128-bit data value that is virtually guaranteed to be unique for all practical purposes. In detail, this means that to connect the price for a wall from the bill of quantities with a 3D element in an architectural model, you'll save both the GUIDs for the wall and the costs and thereby create a link between these two data points.

Customers of the DanglIT GmbH don't have to take action - our Unified Project Model had these features already for several years. This means there are no changes required to support GAEB XML Version 3.3. If you're using the software packages, you just have to update to the latest version. Customers of AVACloud are already working with the latest version.

Connecting GAEB and BIM with the software of Dangl IT GmbH and GAEB XML Version 3.3

This screenshot shows a scene from Dangl.GaebToBim, an app to easily create links between GAEB based bills of quantities and building models in IFC format. The price for the selected wall (yellow, left) is highlighted (blue, right).

Try It Out

You want to start right now with GAEB XML Version 3.3? Or you have a file in the new format that you can't yet open? WebGAEB supports GAEB XML Version 3.3 completely and is free to use, without registration, in its cloud based offering. Simply head over to and convert your GAEB files, among many other formats!

Technical Information

The table below has a short summary of which elements in GAEB XML Version 3.3 support a dedicated GUID identifier and how they're mapped to the Unified Project Model from Dangl.AVA. DanglIT GmbH customers find more detailed information on the sites of DanglDocu at

Overview of new attributes in GAEB XML V3.3 and mapping to Dangl.AVA

Dangl.AVA Element GAEB XML Version 3.3 Element
Project PrjInfo.GUID
ServiceSpecification BoQ.GUID
Position Item.GUID
NoteText Remark.GUID
QuantityAssignment QtySplit.GUID
ExecutionDescription PerfDescr.GUID
TextAddition TextComplement.GUID
SubDescription SubDescr.GUID

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