The WebGAEB viewer allows you to view GAEB files directly and free of charge in your browser.

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Often, you can't open GAEB files - you're out of office, or you don't have an app that supports GAEB. WebGAEB can help! Besides the conversion features between GAEB files and Excel, it has an integrated viewer component to browser the contents of a GAEB bill of quantities in your browser.

Just select a file, click on Analyze & Show - after a short moment, the GAEB service specification is displayed as a table:

GAEB Service Specification

To view the details of an entry, such as the long text or a price deduction, just click on the row:

GAEB Position Detail

Modern GAEB formats can contain formatting and more in their long texts, such as embedded pictures or tables.

You can download the sample GAEB files here.

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